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Mode Not Support for this TV

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  • Mode Not Support for this TV

    Greetings; I would appreciate any assistance...did an iptv reset...reset portal...plugged unit in..goes to blue screen...followed steps..loads from NAND...then goes directly back to..Mode not supported. Can't figure it out...I have done this before and it its not loading past the blue screen...Was advised to use "composite connection". Thanks for your assistance and appreciate your valuable time.

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    Factory default from the bios menu.


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      Thanks...Bios Menu...the only menu I get is the blue screen..TV System..PAL..Graphic Res..Boot I in the right place?


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        c/p thanks to marley

        How to enter the BIOS setup (bootloader menu) MAG-200/250?

        Power off STB MAG200/250.
        Press and hold the «menu» on the remote (or the power button on the front panel).
        Without releasing the «menu» (or the power button on the front panel) Power on STB MAG200/250.

        If there is no image on the screen maybe your TV doesn't support PAL system.
        If there is no image then complete next steps:

        Unplug power of STB
        Press and hold “Menu” button on RC (direct your RC to STB)
        Plug power on STB with holding “Menu” button
        Hold “Menu” button during 10 seconds.
        Switch PAL - NTSC with single press on red button “F1” on RC.

        How to see the firmware version and device information?

        To enter in BIOS menu.
        Choose «Upgrade Menu» and press “right” on the remote control. If this step is missing, go to next step (this step can be absent if the second copy of bootloader doesn't on).
        “Device info” and press “right” on the remote control:
        “Vendor” - Manufactory identifier.
        “Model” - Model identifier.
        “Ver. Hardware” - Version of network board realization.
        “Serial Number” - Serial number.
        “MAC address” - Physical address of network interface.

        “Loader Info” and press “right” on the remote control:
        “Version Number” - Bootloader version (if the second bootloader is on, then you will see the second bootloader version).
        “Date & Time” - Date and Time of bootloader version.

        “Image info” press “right” on the remote control:
        “Version” - Software version.
        “Description” - Full version description.

        How to reset BIOS MAG-200/250 to factory settings?

        Enter The BIOS.
        choose “Def. Settings”.
        press the right.
        confirm by pressing the “OK”.
        Select “Exit & Save” to save and exit. STB will reboot automatically.

        Maybe, it will be necessary to change boot mode: “NAND”, “NAND2” or “DHCP”.

        Change boot mode DHCP/NAND/NAND2.

        Change boot mode DHCP/NAND/NAND2

        Enter The BIOS.
        Select “Upgrade Menu” , right click on the remote control.
        Select “Boot Mode” and pressing the remote control right to set the boot mode DHCP, NAND or NAND2.
        Select “Exit & Save” and press on the remote control to the right.
        Confirm “OK”.


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          Followed these steps...still end up "mode not supported" don't know what I'm doing wrong

          Mag 254 Bios
          1 unplug Mag254
          2 push and hold the button with 3 dots and 3 lines and plug power back in you should have a blue screen with settings.
          3 Check and change your setting save and reboot

          Things you may need to change
          1 Video settings should be set to your TV settings
          2 You should be booting from nand or nand 2 which ever that works for you.
          3 Factory Reset. ( Screen shows def. setting )


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            What video setting are you picking?


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              TV system...1080i-60..

              these are the settings I used when I did previous reset from infomir...worked like a charm...I have done everything except the hokey pokey...


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                I had something similar happen to me have both on tv / stb and unplug then re plug the hdmi cabe and it should fix your settings automatically
                I had a mxq , little different box but basically same settings


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                  I think I'll have to set up Anynet..getting message device not found...along with Mode not supported..I'll get back to you..Thanks again