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2 green lights

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  • 2 green lights

    Has anyone found a solution for the 2 green lights on start-up. I know earlier there were complaints but no one posted resolution.

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    I have not seen a resolution to this problem. I am not at home and don't expect to be there until January.I am working with a friend of mine and we think that the eMMC chip is either bad, has corrupt data or is for some reason disabled. Will have more info in a month or so. We plan to remove the chip from my working T1+ and make a few copies of the data in it and then see if we can program that data into the chip on the non working box. Not a simple fix like resetting it if that were possible.


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      If anyone had a T1 or T1+ that is not working and you have no use for it, I would like to have a few to test on and see if they can be made to work again. Just send me a Private Message. Thanks.


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        just call around to some of the dealers The owner kept saying he would replace fubar units but he didnt
        Maybe they havnt chucked them yet


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          Thanks NBS


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              It's a 5 year old thread


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                I'm not the only one Ryu lol


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                  hahahaha true
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