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Buzz 4000

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  • Buzz 4000

    Crazy Carl’s Real Review

    Today weÂ’re looking at the brand new Buzz XR4000 series, this review is a work in progress and will update it accordingly with what I have tested not tested and if and what others want tested on it. I have only had this box for about 2 days so please bear with me.

    The Box and contents:
    -Nice presentation, comes with remote and batteries, the power adapter and an HDMI cable. And quick start instructions on what the buttons for the remote actually do (Thank you Buzz team). All packaged nicely in their on separate containers.
    -The box itself is very sleek, very modern and has a nice Multicoloured LED Logo that glows or pulses certain colours depending on what the box itself is doing, nice rounded edges and very thin, this is a very small box people much more compact then a roku 1-4 model, fits right in my old roku mount mounted behind my tv.
    -HereÂ’s a big win vs the 3000 series, if you have a behind the tv mount for smaller boxs so that itÂ’s out of sight out of mind the remote functions work perfectly on the XR4000 on the older 3000 you needed to be almost right in front of the thing at-least for me for it to work let alone behind the tv.
    -All the usual connections are present on the back(Ethernet Jack, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, SD port and power plug.

    Remote Control:
    - Improved, layout is really nice and easy, button placement and quality improved. DoesnÂ’t feel cheap but does have some click to it. If your wife or family are quiet people or your planning to use this with napping babies around just do it, put it in the entertainment room where it belong.
    - Does not have a light-up feature, hoping this eventually comes to the family or becomes an upgrade in the future but as of now it does not.
    - Does not have an air mouse feature, not be confused with the mouse activation button that can be used. The button does work but kind of a pain to scroll/use as it doesnÂ’t track just use the arrows and it eventually gets there. Some have remotes that mimic the movement of yours hands itself on the screen.

    Initial setup:
    -Easy, there is no guide for dummies needed her folks to start it up and go through the start up promts. (Timezone, Wi-FI, current firmware update this all happened right at the beginning for me.)

    Buzztv App version 4:
    -Big change and I mean GUI and total look is a serious Yes for me. Four easy categories (Live TV, VOD, TV shows, and EPG) underneath All Apps which is a shortcut to apps you have installed, App Store which links you to the aptoide market (which does give you the option to sign in or switch to goggle okay and sign in to goggle okay store)
    -Under that you have settings, Server settings, Wi-FI, Update and Buzz utilizes.
    -Live TV is a gorgeous as ever, and i have seen many boxs and many different apps (Tivimate, Smarters, OTT Navigator, GSE, Mytvonline1 and 2, IMplayer, KodiÂ’s smart URL, etc) The GUI is easy in the eyes and works well, buttons are simple and laid out, options are easy and not confusing, Menus are self explanatory and I havenÂ’t experienced any crashes or lag to speak of.
    -VOD layed out nicely in a horizontal way with categories and factories, pleasing on the eyes. Clicking a movie loads it quickly*(mileage may very as all of this depends on your supplier) when accessing a movie your GUI in the player is very easy functions well for play, pause, rewind and Fast forward.
    - TV Series laid out the exact same was as VOD with same interface* same mileage may very.
    -EPG*(mileage will vary) this is hard to review because I donÂ’t use IPTV or condone the use of it, but theoretically it looks great, it should under the right circumstances load fast provide good information and allow for easy channel zapping, easy categorization as well as storing favourites. Catchup, Recording and the other perks are all there.

    Other Andriod Apps:
    -VPN apps (Work well out of the ones I have tested)
    -Kodi (Works as it should)
    -Netflix (App from the store works as long as you use mouse function in your remote)
    -Plex (App does not function)
    -Hulu, Amazon Video, Other IPTV apps (Have not tested)
    ***This is a side note for those having issues with plex, Netflix, other iptv streaming apps such as Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video. Kodi is your friend and should be your go to, there are addons for all of these that work through KodiÂ’s 18 series and up and work well. I am not speaking to 3rd addonds IÂ’m talking about legit addons that have been ported over.

    Is it worth the switch from a 3000 series or below?

    For me it was and is a definite yes, the 3000 series are still great boxÂ’s and donÂ’t get me wrong the GUI and the Interface that you get along side with them are great especially considering the price a 3000 or 3000m or even a 3100 are going for now. However the XR4000 and itÂ’s bigger brother thatÂ’s debuting soon with 4gigs of ram are setting a new tone and really are the evolution of what the Buzz team are striving for. Comparison wise on the software side this is a grown up, mature, easy to use box that your friend, your just starting out friend, your cousin jimmy that knows nothing, your parents or even grandparents can use this box and with ease. The XR4000 is a major go and look forward to whatever else the Buzz team comes out with next.