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A proverbial nightmare getting into donation checker

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  • A proverbial nightmare getting into donation checker

    I merely wanted to check my donation status and all of a sudden felt like I was breaking into Fort Knox. I know about the traffic signs, bicycle and other grainy low rez images you have to navigate in order to access your account..but this time I was railroaded into like four of five screens of picking and choosing at one screening and then told I flunked and to start over. Are you people for real??? There is a lot of competition in this market and paying customers are at a premium.. Is this the way you treat them??? I know you have to have some security, but this is ridiculous!!!

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    Sounds like using Captcha wrong is on your end.If you miss clicking a square or click one that doesn't have a light or bike it thinks you're a robot.


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      It does happen, even with no mistakes.
      I use the papiao website perhaps more then anyone or lots anyway and found what has been described does happen although rarely as it may be.,
      It's not papiiao that is at fault. It's the captcha program itself. Seems it gets confused
      Usually if you keep up to it then it will overcome it's own mistake and carry on as normal.

      And again, this is not something papao can control other then scraping the whole thing


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        I have had this problem as well.
        Sometimes if I just reload the page it goes to the site?


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          Anyone having this problem please use Google Chrome cuz it may help, unfortunately we have little to no control over Google captcha security verification and sometimes it gets crazy.
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