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VOD not Loading

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  • VOD not Loading

    This was posted in the DL General Discussion Forum - Perhaps I will get more response HERE

    Just to clarify I am unable to get a VOD menu - no selection is available - when I click on the VOD icon it just sits there and nothing happens!

    I have the original DL T1. Until recently I was able to get VOD without a problem. The way it worked was to go to apps and select DOL 2 and when the bar connecting to NFPS came on I hit cancel and it went to a screen with 4 icons LiveTV - VOD - Portals - Settings, I would select VOD and it would load,

    Now when I do that and click on VOD I just sits there and does nothing, I changed portals and did a IPTV Reset and nothing.

    I did a factory reset and it installed the files and I setup the portal and it must be correct cause I do get LIVETV.

    In the screen that has Apps - Market - Settings I select settings and system and the following is the information:

    S/W Version v2.8.0 Revision r12700 Build Date 01/19/2018

    In the screen with the 4 icons LiveTV - VOD - Portals - Settings, In settings I get App Version V1.09.07-r1449

    The above are the files that it installed after I did the factory reset are they current?

    I makes no sense that others with a T1 are able to get the VOD library and I no can access the VOD selections .

    When I do a hard reboot and it comes on it says that it is looking for system updates and then it says that it is checking for Android and App updates

    Anyone got any ideas other then to go with Kodi and couch potato - I should be able to get the VOD with my box and always did in the past should I do another Factory Reset and Setup?

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    ISSUE RESOLVED I switched to my MAG 254 and now I can get Live TV and VOD without any problems.


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      I had to do the same thing, its like their not listening to us, I was told Dreamlink is the best.