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STBEMU won't show tv channels but will view all VOD channels?

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  • STBEMU won't show tv channels but will view all VOD channels?

    I am lost I have tried many things and I am not new at this stuff. I can pull all channels to STB but they won't view? I can go to VOD and they all play? I have checked and rechecked my settings all are ok. I have looked at many videos and posts before I even think about posting so I know my settings are correct. I have tried kodi with couch potato add in but I get same issue no tv but VOD play fine? Maybe my account is not setup correctly? When I send an email I don't get a response until I am sleeping so I am assuming there on a much different time zone then me. I seem to be playing tag for days it is not a pleasant experience so I am hoping this can get resolved here and not have to wait to get a response at 1am when I am in la la land!

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    You can pm me your donation# order# and email and i can test it here for you if you like.


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      sent msg thanks


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        Hi i seem to be having the exact same problem . I installed smb emulator on my smart tv i have smart tv & i have got all videos etc but no channels whatsoever.. Did u manage to find a fix ... ded969