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Stb blocked issue

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  • Stb blocked issue

    My buddy set up some android boxes on the weekend. Everything worked fine except on one box. He gets the stb blocked message at the boxes owners place but it works fine at his.

    Any my ideas where to look?

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    Try an IPTV reset when you get it to the place where you get that message.


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      He said he tried that. Apparently the guy lives in an apt complex and I’m told there is one modem for the entire complex and he has a router for wifi. This is what I’m told. Is there any setup that would cause this issue from the modem?


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        I have never heard of that before (1 modem for multiple apartments). Unless the apartment complex is made up of illegal areas that have been divided up into individual areas and the owners of the building paying for internet access for all the tenants/apartments then it is an unlikely scenario.

        Normally each tenant of an apartment would have an individual subscription to Cable or DSL internet access (and billing). Which means each would have an individual modem and would be assigned their own network ip address. I wouldn't be surprized if what he had is a ROUTER/MODEM combo unit that he has and is confused about the rest.

        There are many issues involved if he is correct and only 1 modem exists for multiple tenants including PRIVACY issues.

        If the setup worked correctly at your BUDDIES house then it must have the correct info which would include the MAC address and the correct portal, it should work at the other residence with an iptv reset.


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          I think he means there is a main hub in the building and each tenant would have a router to connect Most of these are hard wired into the building and the wifi is just for each unit


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            I think I’m going to have to go see for myself. When I asked him again on Friday, the answer sounded a little unsure. I thought the same thing. One modem? I dont know. I know he said the iptv reset didn’t work. He wants me to go look so I’ll post back my findings a little later. Thanks everyone for your input..