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Smart-STB Server ip’s blocked by provider causing black screen

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  • Smart-STB Server ip’s blocked by provider causing black screen

    Im still looking for answers about The black screen on STB SMART app. I got three Tvs with the same problem and I noticed when you change from one IPTV provider to another that the black screen would show up. I opened a support ticket on the main website of Smart STB and they told me to contact my IPTV provider to relase or reset their IP server. I guess when the black screen would show i thought we were done because NFPS/PAPIO/STALKER don't do that for their clients they don't provide us with anyway to fix the problem.. Please any help would be appreciated.

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    Are these 3 tv's using the same donation?


    • #3
      No they are different people from different locations.
      at the beginning we using papiao/nfps .. then we switch to a different iptv provider and now we bought new donations in NFPS went we try to add it to each tv no matter how many times we reset the donation for each tv we get black screen.


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        Turn off the tv do a iptv reset. Then log back in and change the account to allow all country's then turn the tv back on and see if that works.


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          I think allowing all countries will fix your black screen problem like Dodgeit said, but I think your gonna need to do that everytime you turn off the tv and back on? Use the search function up top, and search smart stb, many had/have the same issue. I don't know if the issue was ever fixed except from changing allow all countries.


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            I will try today when I get back home i let you guys know if it work.