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Smart-STB Server ip’s blocked by provider causing black screen

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    Originally posted by Dodgeit View Post
    NFPS will not open ports to satisfy an app.This is for security reasons.
    No ports need to be opened it’s more like a firewall blocking ip/servers issue. Since the same ip’s are connecting to the servers they just need to be whitelisted. So no ports need opened etc. I wouldn’t open any ports either. It’s just simply making sure IP’s don’t get automatically blocked by the firewall is all i.e. whitelist (unlock if already blocked).

    The point is, it used to work just fine on all your portals. Then slowly they started not working (like when smart-stb servers got blacklisted/blocked by a firewall or some other automatic security measure because a lot of users were trying to use the app with the service). When p5 became available it was amazing since I could use the service again with the app. Then a few weeks pass and boom it’s blocked on the p5 server too. So if p6 ever comes about it will prob work for a few on that portal till other smart-stb users start using it then the server will eventually block smart-stb servers again too.

    below is the beginning of their note to service providers:

    Dear Service Providers,

    In order to guarantee smooth service and avoid compatibility problems we recommend you white list (or unlock in case of blocked) our Server IP's in your Panels, Streaming Servers and Billing Servers.

    The link to the page is here:


    • Dodgeit
      Dodgeit commented
      Editing a comment
      I'm just going by what i read months ago. It operating on certain port and needed to be open to work.But still stand by my word they are not going to change the servers for a app.It is because of security.Your all gonna find it will stop working once complaints come in just like infomir is doing.Samsung,Lg and the likes are not gonna want to end up in a battle.Really if your paying for the app they should open it up and make it so it uses your ip not theirs.They can do this but they won't because they won't make anymore money besides the price of the app.

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    Also having a Black Screen on My Samsung. When I go to the STB website to check the portal it gives an error also.