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Samsung removed ss iptv

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  • Samsung removed ss iptv

    Well looks as if Samsung has removed ss iptv from all their tv's. That sucks any kind of workaround for it?

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    Try Smart STB
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      Smart Stb work way better then all


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        yea i use smart stb also but havent paid for lifetime -- was paying monthly but have issues with it, one issue is the vod's do not work with it (at least not on j series tv) and lot of times have to keep reloading the channel to get sound to kick in and work (thinking another issue with j series only) seems like the j and k series have some issues and they cant seem to get it fixed -- those two models are on tizen os ----------- have the same issues using smart iptv and ss iptv on the j series tizen model so assuming k series also might have the issues since its also tizen -- those are only two models that have the tizen system -- really wish could get one of them to work properly with vod -- have tried at least 6 other iptv's using trials and the sound issue is there with all of them but only this place has vod issues


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          Have smart-stb with the lifetime sub and works like it should, live tv, vod all work like they should.
          Samsung series 6 tv
          100m dnload
          portal 2
          At first there was a problem with the time zone setting but they(smart-stb) fixed it on their end


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            I can't find Smart IPTV or SS IPTV in my Samsung download any suggestions


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              Mines and older Smart TV like 2011