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Roku worth it?

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  • Roku worth it?

    Does it really works on Roku, using the m3u playlist?

    before i get more donations, i have a couple Roku sticks laying around,

    does the guide and all channels works on Roku as of now?

    or should i get a box that supports Kodi?

    please let me know thanks.

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    First off, you can load Kodi on any platform from Windows PC to Phoenix, Android, IOS and others, just go to Kodi download site and download whatever version you like for whichever OS you like.
    As for your Roku sticks, why not check them out by changing your device, mac on an existing device that you have on one of your existing donations ? It will give you a better perspective on how your Roku sticks will perform based on your own experience. I'm not one to suggest one box over another as we all have our preferences based on various pros and cons. All boxes with android 5.1 or higher will support Kodi although I'd opt for Marshmallow 6.0 or higher. As for the box, itself, 3gb of ram, 32 gbs of rom with 2 usb ports, an HDMI port and 4K at 60fps would be were I would start. Figure on a price tag of approx 110 to 130 and you won't go too far wrong but you can always read reviews at Amazon or Google IPTV box reviews.


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      Roku is like Avov which is like the older MAG's.
      Proprietary O/S.

      Better to get an Android unit for freedom of use.
      As Amex noted, for the money get the higher end 3Gb units.
      I am not a "BOT"!


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        thanks guys.