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Help with STB is blocked

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  • Help with STB is blocked

    Hi I had a hard time to renew my suscription, we've had it for three years, but this year with the bit coins thing it took me longer so I couldn't renew it before it expired. Finally last week I got the bitcoins and paid, but I have gotten the STB is blocked message, I have changed the portal several times, I have rebooted the device, I have mailed [email protected] the just tell me to change the server, they even changed my donation number and still the STB message. What can I do? Thank you.

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    Your STB's MAC# may still be linked to your expired Donation# (since you said your Donation# was changed).

    1st - unplug your STB.
    See if you can login to your account page for the old Donation#.
    If you can, then you have to remove your MAC# that is still linked to it (remove the number and click change MAC (or update or reset or save, ...can't remember exactly!))
    If you can no longer access that account, then login to the new account using the new Donation#.
    Verify the MAC# is correct and your server/ portal URL is the same as the one used in the STB.
    Set the Country lock to "All Countries" and set ISP Lock to "Disable"
    Do an IPTV Reset.

    Power up the STB.
    You should be good, but if not, send a PM to a Moderator.


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      also make sure you have internet on your box
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