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My gica set up ????

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  • My gica set up ????

    I have been given a GICA box as my MAG 254 got "zapped" and does not power on. I hooked up the GICA box and it is as complicated as they-come. I do not have the slightest as to where to begin - which button do i press to do what - kind of. I have no idea where the mac address is or where i am supposed to enter the portal URL.
    That said does anyone have link i can look at of have step-by-step as to how to configure MY GICA box? If do PLEASE do guide me it.....
    Thanking you (all)

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    With a gica box you will have to run kodi to run a app or stalker client (look under Kodi tutorials).It's not as simple as just entering the mac.Now i have read that the buzz app will work on some my gica boxes.But that is something you might have to google.If you pm Nbs with the model they may know what the certain my gica box that is needed to do it.Other then that you will need to run Kodi or maybe even perfect player and use a M3u.


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      OK....1st thing to do;
      If you had a MAC# linked to your donation and used it with a Stalker protocol program or device (MAG, Kodi w/PVR Stalker, STB Emu, etc.), it is recommended to set your account to Playlist access method.
      Go to your Donation info page. Click Change IPTV MAC. In the Text box enter 00:00:00:00:00:00 Then click Apply.

      Click the Playlist Selection button and select "Generic m3u with Options"
      A URL Address will be presented to you incorporating your Portal & Donation info.
      Copy and Paste (or just write it down), but save it.
      Use that URL as your remote Playlist source

      For the EPG Guide source URL address use the address below;
      Go to Google Playstore and install Perfect Player for Android
      There is a video tutorial for Perfect Player at the Post link below.
      *Note: By default PP Hides the EPG data. To see the EPG. if using a mouse, at the top of the left of screen Channel list, and on the right side of the Genre (All Channels, Entertainment etc) click the small square icon (submenu). Click EPG Show EPG.
      If using a remote, press and hold OK until the submenu appears, then select Show EPG.
      I am not a "BOT"!


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        Thank you so much - Kens - for very informative detailed infor. It surely will help me.
        Thank you