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review by crazy carl

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  • review by crazy carl

    c and p

    I have recently acquired the Xpl3000 model and wanted to give my initial impression on it.

    What I like:
    1. The box is well equipped with remote, long HDMI cable, batteries.
    2. Form factor from the box is tiny and I mean the footprint is smaller then a roku 3-4 generation.
    3. Set up was easy and starting screen is simple to use and that makes the over all smoothness nice from the get go.
    4. Apptoide market is a major win, well populated with useful viewing apps from streaming to sharing with kodis latest version and apps like showbox, terrarium, etc..
    5. Bluetooth works well and keeps my Sony headphones connected without having to repair them every time I turn them off.
    6. Easy clear brush app closes all background apps not in us In the form of a ****** ship. (Always wanted to be an astronaut)
    7. My neighbors dry waller also has this box and I will reiterate what he said about the Buzztv app, the overall smoothness of this app is refreshing. The GUI is nice and simple and populated well and quickly it does sometimes need a page up or a page down to fully get it there though. Portals are easy to access and enter and there are several options such as pvr, catchup, and timeshift. The buttons on the remote help as there designed for and around the app.
    8. The remote is softouch and quieter then other remotes I have used which is nice if you have a light sleeping partner or little ones.

    What I don’t like:
    1. There’s some lag when using the keyboard easily fixed by using a keyboard remote or blue tooth keyboard mouse combo.
    2. The mouse on the remote has some lag as well.
    3. The buzztv app according to the dry waller sometimes flashes a lost stream message that sometimes comes and goes on it own and sometimes requires a click of the remote to get rid of.

    Overall in the short time I have had the device for I would rate it so far a solid 8/10 I have tested quite a few box’s and own a Nvidia Shield and I must say I’m quite pleased with the buzz box and the team behind it.

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    lol thanks gallardo
    If anyone has any question I can try to answer them


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      I would have to agree with the c/p but i would give it a 9/10.The only thing i think that needs to be changed is to be able to enter a channel from the guide.Unless it does and i missed something.


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        you can enter a channel from guide either by highlighting the channel in guide and hitting ok
        you can also go to any channel by using remote and hitting ok


        • Dodgeit
          Dodgeit commented
          Editing a comment
          See i must of missed something i'll try again

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        Yes i did try it again and i had to hit the exit button to go to the channel for some reason.Same as hitting the okay button then moving up and down then hit ok on another channel it does not go to the channel. I have to use the exit button.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	epg pic1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	134.3 KB
ID:	51608 when i open up epg I can go to any channel and hit ok It must be in the correct time zone
          I can then hit ok or the back btton to go full screen


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            he probably has a lot more than that ..
            I have a few over the last 10 years