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Problem with Perfect Player on Fire Stick

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  • Problem with Perfect Player on Fire Stick

    I have downloaded Perfect player on Fire Stick, I have gone to Settings, General, I have entered IPTV Portal: info into IPTV date Server box, I have entered Full IPTV Portal URL: into Playlist 1, with M3U box selected, then go back to menu and no channels get loaded ? When I click on the update button it says Playlist update started but nothing gets downloaded, what am I missing? have been working on this for some hours, can any one help? I have read all relevant post but nothing seems to work. Help !!

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    make sure you don't have Mac attached and also perform a reset on provider site then try the result.
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      Same result 'playlist update started' but no list being downloaded ?


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        It sounds like you are using the IPTV portal url, and not the playlist m3u url?


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          Grim Reaper, you were right, thank you. My system is now working but many questions remain eg.

          - how do you download playlist from laptop to PP on TV? ( I typed in url manually, must be an easier way?)
          - Is there some way to check out these 15 playlists before loading in Perfect Player ?
          - is there a seperate app. for or is it played on PP ?

          Lots of questions, but a very big thank you for spotting my problem !!!!


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            Can you please post the m3 url? Thanks


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              Originally posted by Josevilla24 View Post
              Can you please post the m3 url? Thanks
              Post 6


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                Folks, I have the Amazon FireStick. I installed the Super Terry Team version for Perfect Player, it was working perfectly until 2 days ago. All Live Channels ara black, I can see movies and VOD but not the live tv channels any idead how to fix it? Thanks a lot!