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Problem setting up Fire TV, M3U

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  • Problem setting up Fire TV, M3U

    Trying to install a Fire TV for a customer.
    Can someone help me?
    I have installed the Perfect Player, done everything, but having trouble what do, getting and installing the M3U, and the extension in Perfect Player on the Fire TV. I am up to the EPG but nothing is showing. So I am obviously doing something wrong. How do i get the M3U into the Fire, with ESExplorer

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    - You need to install ES File Explorer and Perfect Player from the appstore.
    - You need to go to FireTV settings /device /developer options /unknown sources -ON /ADB debugging -ON
    Use ES File explorer to import through your network from a file sharing enabled PC, your m3u playlist. (or you can enter the external URL)

    ES File Explorer.
    *In settings, turn on Hidden Files /Folders

    For transfer across network (pc for example), On pc, go to directory you want to make accessable, right click and then
    "Share as" (or you can share the c:\ directory)
    In ES File explorer, click network or LAN, then click Scan. It will scan for discoverable devices. Click on PC (If password
    protected, enter info), then...
    To Copy - go to directory on PC with file.
    Long press on the file and a check mark will appear. Go down and select copy.
    * On left side window, select local then download (directory).
    To Paste - Go down and select Paste.

    In PP Settings/ General - Playlist 1 click the folder icon then go to your download directory and select the TV playlist.
    Then Playlist 2 - Do the same and select the VOD Playlist (Click the VOD Checkbox)
    In the EPG Guide address, enter
    Make sure XMLTV is checked & Update interval is "at each update"

    In Playback, use Auto as the decode method

    Exit out and let everything load(Top Right corner progress bar)
    *Note: By default PP Hides the EPG data.
    To see the EPG. if using a mouse, at the top of the left of screen Channel list, and on the right side of the Genre (All Channels, Entertainment etc) click the small square icon (submenu). Click EPG Show EPG.
    If using a remote, press and hold OK until the submenu appears, then select Show EPG.
    Click the little square icon to the right (Sub-Menu).
    Click Main Menu
    The Square Icon with the Down Arrow is how you switch between TV playlist & VOD playlist
    Select VOD
    Click the little square icon to the right (Sub-Menu).
    Click " VOD- Show Extra info ".

    here is a link to the most recent TV (All Channels) Playlist Template
    & the English VOD Template
    ...and a link to an old Setup Video
    Go to the m3u Thread to learn how to modify the Templates for your use.

    I am not a "BOT"!


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      ummmmmmmm Kens is there a video with step by step with all that you posted here?..........


      • kens
        kens commented
        Editing a comment
        Link to the Video is the bottom code window.
        Copy the link and paste into a browser.
        download & Play.
        M3U Template instructions are in the M3U Playlist Thread.

        *It just seems tedious, but it isn't, and then you can modify your playlist to your liking.