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Smart TVs Official App

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  • Smart TVs Official App


    Our official and recommended app to watch our service directly on Samsung or LG smart tv is IPTV Smarters, you can search for it directly in the app store of your TV. The app is only accessible through the USA app store, if you want to learn how to change the app store country please check the videos below:

    Change app store country in your smart tv:

    Samsung Series H & F:

    All Samsung TVs:

    All LG TVs:

    Use your donation number as username and password, it's case sensitive so make sure to take care of upper cases.

    Is always a good idea to perform an IPTV reset before switching to a new device or application, remove the account from old one, do an IPTV reset and then set it up in the new one.

    To use this app you must delete any MAC address linked to your donation number.

    NOTE: There are some limitations where some TVs doesn't like the of some channels and they don't work, it isn't a problem with our server but with the codecs supported by your TV.
    Check your Donation Status, Change MAC, Download IPTV Playlists and do IPTV reset using this form:

    Donation Checker and Download IPTV Playlist

    If you are interested on Premium IPTV please make your donations here:

    NFPS IPTV Private Server with Stalker & IPTV Playlist