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Confusion on Discount Tokens

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  • Confusion on Discount Tokens

    I confused. I'm interested in becoming a reseller but this question is from a previous thread that you answered. ( "Question here, can i purchase the discount token only and then after verification then proceed to purchase credits, which i believe would then be discounted to $25, my reason for asking is that i saw that option on the site under dashboard------ Order Now.") YOUR RESPONSE WAS (Yes, this is the correct procedure.) Problem that I don't understand is that the Discount Token Link Never Even pops up as a link UNTIL you click on AT LEAST 5 Donations? I thought you could just purchase the Discount token for $250 for LIFETIME and then once verified then you can order the donations at the discounted price of $27? Let me know how or send me a direct link where I can do this. Thanks

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    if you have reseller panel then you can order discount token only from your reseller panel.
    if you dont have reseller panel then you need to order minimum 5 donations then you will become a reseller and will have access to reseller panel.
    so you have two options.
    1. you can order minimum 5 donations and add discount token with same transaction.
    2. order minimum 5 donations then log into your reseller panel then order discount token.

    in other words in order to get discount token you need to order minimum 5 donations at least one time.
    once you get token then you will be able to order for $27 each from your reseller panel with your discount token.
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.


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      Ryu is correct. You cant purchase a token alone. You have to purchase 5 donations with a token or add the token to the panel you already have.