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No adult channels

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  • No adult channels

    hi, I'm using kodi 17.4 with stalker client, on F stick,
    adult channels don't show in the channels list, as if they don't exist, therefore I have a total of 824 channels, instead of 844.
    i tried everything in this link
    no luck,
    also guide is not loading, tried many suggestions , no luck neither,
    pls help

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    You wont get the Adult Channels or the VOD channels using stalker.
    Recommend you install PotatoTV instead of PVR stalker.
    Then change the Guide URL by following instructions in Post#2 here -
    Here is a link to the setup video
    I am not a "BOT"!


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      Thank you ,
      for that to work, I had to change the donation, the server and the MAC address , but it ended well !


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        I hate to bring up and old thread but I need help my friends , like ive always said I read a lot to fix issues but I just cant get this potato tv to work????? on fire stick
        I think I'm suppose to go to checker select m3 with opions delete my mac to make it blank done that.
        I have potatoe tv DL and ive watched the video 10 times lol . it ask for mac prefix and sub but you deleted your mac so you don't have a mac to enter ????

        also when it gives you that long url for your play list do you have to manually put it in or does it pick it up when you enter your donation #
        when I click on pvr client in potatoe tv it says mac failure or something like that
        I know this has been answered 1000 times but guys I just cant get it
        thanks for any help
        and when I go back to iptv checker the long url is gone ???


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          Originally posted by Gallardo
          And why did you post it in a thread about adult channels?
          because he was talking about the mac and potato tv in post 2 , and I think that's where my problems at
          thanks for the help , my bad if I broke a rule

          I was just reading another thread and you called another member out for hijacking a thread which I know is wrong but this member had 2 post counting that one .
          you must be a want to be mod lol
          Last edited by littleman; 01-14-2018, 12:25 PM. Reason: lets help each other out not police everyone we can , unless nessary ...peace