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IPTVXtra II Ver.16.0 Release. - Reworked version.

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  • IPTVXtra II Ver.16.0 Release. - Reworked version.

    If you did not auto-update from Repo installed versions, you can download the addon from the link below, and install or update manually.

    PVR Setup and System Tools: Change EPG Format/ Enable an External Player/ Enable Mouse remapping/ LiveTV Backup/ Run a Speed Test.
    *Change EPG source (Provider/ Alternate/ Merged)
    *Ext.Video Player (Android only and requires MX Player (free ver.)to be installed on your system first)
    *Mouse remapping changes button and scroll functions for mouse users
    *LiveTV Backup is a raw TV List from Provider
    *Internet Speedtest to your Local ISP
    LiveTV EPG Guide: Quick link to EPG
    Video-on-Demand: Shows a Category list of all VOD Groups
    *Can select full listing or show only new additions since your last update.
    Pay-per-View: Shows a List of recent PPV Selections'
    Use Alternate EPG: If Disabled, will use Providers EPG. If Enabled, will use an Alternate EPG from the source entered.
    Merge Alternate and Provider EPG data: If Enabled and Alternate EPG is Enabled, will combine both EPG data, using the Alternate as main, and Provider as secondary. *Any channels missing from main, will be added from secondary, if present.
    'Movie Information: Gets Movie Metadata from Server
    Play Trailer: Requests movie trailer from YT & Plays media
    Add to Kodi Library: Creates a .strm file with the Movie url and sends an update request to the Kodi Library database (Kodi requests detailed Movie metadata from The Movie Database (TMdB) and populates internal database with the information for the new addition.

    * Future Features *
    - PVR Reminders.
    - Download PPV selections.
    - MAC mode.
    - Add channels to a Favorites group.
    - Multiple Services ability.
    - Choose PVR genre category color.
    - +...more.


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    -Temporarily moved some of the network locals (ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC), into ch's 2 thru 70, for convenience.
    -Temporarily moved the UK's back to 78 thru 104, by request.
    *These will eventually be a selectable feature.


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      IPTVXtra2 ver 16.3 *UPDATE
      added vod search
      add vod selectable list size



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        IPTVXtra2 ver 16.5 *UPDATE


        added Favorite TV Channels function.
        *(located in PVR setup & System tools menu)