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Shipping a box to a different country is possible?

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  • Shipping a box to a different country is possible?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about shipping a box to another country after setting up a box for someone.

    This is basically what I have in mind:

    1) purchase a box in the USA
    2) Set up the box
    3) ship the box to Puerto Rico
    4) Once the box arrives it should be plug and play (work instantly)

    Assuming the set up is fine and the ISP doesn't block it, are these steps possible for a box sent from the USA to Puerto Rico?

    About the plug and play, I have tested a few boxes already with other people. For example, I set up the Box at home and once is working I just pack it back and go to a friend's house. All I do in my friend house is connect the Power Source, HDMI and Ethernet cable and just like that the box works, no extra steps or setup. I provide this explanation in case someone is confused by the word plug and play.

    It's my first post, I hope I ask the question in the right place.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The country lock will need to be changed, and IPTV reset may be needed.


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      Set up the box, then unplug and pack it up.
      go to the Donation info page and Disable the ISP Lock, then set the Country to All Countries.
      Do an IPTV Reset.

      When the user connects in PR for the first time, the server will set the Country to the IP's location.
      (so don't re-test the STB after you make the changes!)


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        Thanks to both of you. I will definitely follow your advice, I am also glad to know it is possible to do it.