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New android box - help!

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  • New android box - help!

    A friend of mine recently purchased an Android based box (7.1) in order to use it for this service and I offered to set it up for him.

    It seems that I offered without knowing all the info necessary. I have a MAG 254 and a Dreamlink T1 and setup was as simple as putting in the donation number for my username and password and plugging in the server address and basically that was it and I connected and I got the service.

    Now this box which is a COBY TV box Model TB100 is android and with about 30 apps installed.

    Where would I plug in the user name and password and server (
    Is the box setup as mine so that it users the information directly and connects or does one have to use an app such as kodi.
    It has Kodi 18 installed

    So any info on this being specific as to where it all goes in order to connect to the service would be great - I've spent about 3 hours going through the box completely and to no avail - I am connected to the internet via the wifi/modem but that just means i can browse the internet

    ?????? any information (step by step would be great) that is pertinent will be greatly appreciated.

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    download stb emu from the google playstore


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      you need to use a different app like perfect player, stb emu, iptv extreme, simple iptv, or many others. each has its benefits and challenges.


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        Is there one app that will give me Live Tv, VOD and an EPG?

        Or am I going to have to download multiple apps?


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          Go to play store o google play and install progtv andriod apk, after installed, opened it will open on tv source page, on this page you will have many option that you want to use a m3u list, stream code and more, now it you just want to use your username and password and url, select stream code, on that page you will put all your information and click update, if you information is correct stream code will download all the channel.


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            thank you for PROMPT reply. I will try it and see if it does the job



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              Originally posted by EMULATOR View Post
              Is there one app that will give me Live Tv, VOD and an EPG?

              Or am I going to have to download multiple apps?
              You only need a single addon, "
              Kodi 18.x, VideoAddon, "IPTVXtra2" hXXp://" XX=tt

              IMHO, "Perfect Player"

              I do not want to Hijack this thread with instruction for PP.


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                I downloaded the video add on file fpr KODI "IPTVXtra2 v5.5"
                Zip File size is : 2.33MB

                I put the zipped up file in a directory on a USB stick and I also created a seperate directory and unzipped the file so both the zipped file and the unzipped is located in seperate directories on the stick.

                I opened kodi and attempted to install the file as a video add on from my USB stick - I choose to install from a zip file and I saw all the directories on my stick and choose the zip file directory and highlighted the zipped file - which highlighted the ok button and i pressed ok and well it failed - i get a brief message the the installation from the zip file failed because and thats the part i couldn't read something about an update or ?

                so I attempted to do the add on already unzipped and I picked add from repository ? of course it failed or just went to numerous other places that I didn't understand.

                Unless I can get some specific instructions I am going to have to abandon this effort and give the box back to my friend and send him to the spanish site cause other then starting Kodi v 18 which is installed i have not been able to anything to get this servicegoing

                I am going to stick to my Mag box and my Dreamlink which only requires username password and the url

                I really am technically literate and have been using computers (main frames since before they had keyboards) I build my own pc's and have a fair knowledge of them

                I hope the fleas from a thousand camels infest the crotch of the android green robot and he scratches himself to a horrible death. j/k I'm venting cause I wasted so many hours on this!


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                  I don't use IPTVXtra, but try this, I'm not sure it works with kodi 18, and I don't think the adults are there. I can try to set this up and see if it worksRelease IPTVXtra v2.2.1 - Reworked but Temporary patch up


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                    Originally posted by JoKeRz WilD View Post
                    I don't use IPTVXtra, but try this, I'm not sure it works with kodi 18, and I don't think the adults are there. I can try to set this up and see if it worksRelease IPTVXtra v2.2.1 - Reworked but Temporary patch up
                    Works with Kodi 17. Not in front of anything with 18. You can always install 17 on that box at least to get it up and rollin.


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                      when the installation failed i looked at the message again and it was still only 1/2 legible but it had something about file dependency and in the part I couldn't read it referred to some file possibly kodi and a version # - but like I said only half the messaage was visible and it was only on for a couple of seconds.

                      i will try that version but DO I INSTALL IT AS A KODI VIDEO ADD ON?


                      EDIT ADDED

                      I read that whole post of Kens from the link you included and all the replies or problems that users were trying to overcome.

                      Oh and disregard all the questions about installation as I read the posts in Kens thread and it explained it all

                      anyway I noticed one quote from Kens that I found interesting =

                      "I have a 6 processor/ 4 Gb Android unit, and I still find it sluggish, so use Perfect Player for TV and Kodi for VOD.

                      So Perfect Player can be used to access the service and get live tv without KODI? is the setup as complex as getting kodi and iptvextra to work?



                      • Dodgeit
                        Dodgeit commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I don't use a android for normal viewing.But i do use PP on my phone once in awhile and i think Vcl can be use also.It runs smooth on my phone and should run smooth on a box. Probably because it's not loading all the Kodi crap.
                        The set up is much easier.
                        Last edited by Dodgeit; 05-04-2019, 08:19 AM.

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                      You can also install the stb emulator. Interface looks just like the mag.


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                        Is the stb emulator a stand alone program or is it a kodi add on? Can I get live tv and Vod and an epg with it?

                        I noticed it in an archive here but it is v 0.9.03 from 2016 is that version the latest and still good or is there a later version from the playstore?


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                          Yes, works and looks just like it was mag. Download the latest version from the play store. Its a stand alone application. Very easy to set up.


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                            thanks for the prompt answer I give it a try and let you know if i was successful!

                            Is this the one?

                            StbEmu (Free)

                            Maxim Vasilchuk