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  • VPN With Mag254 Help

    Can some one tell me why when connected thru vpn i get only som of the low end channels no movies or premium unplug vpn run thru the router all good?
    Any ideas?

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    if your working good with out VPN why are you using it ?


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        The reason you can't connect when you use VPN is each and every VPN server you connect to has a different ip address which is the main reason most people want a vpn. When you try to connect to the server, the server sees a different ip address and refuses to allow your box to connect. This is the main reason I do not want to install my vpn on my router as then everything that connects to my router gets routed through the VPN and then the problems begin with no connection. If I'm connected to a VPN server in Canada, I can't shop in the U.S. or if I'm connected to a VPN in the United States I can't watch English, Irish or Scottish programs because I would have to connect to a server in London or Glasgow because its a local ip address which I get through the VPN server. Hope this gives you some insight as to why this is and why you can't connect if you're connected to the wrong server or your box is trying to connect through a VPN server.

        P.S. Don't even try connecting to mainland China iptv if you're not connected to a VPN server in Hong Kong or another local server in China.