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Got a 2nd subscription. Not running as smoothly.

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  • Got a 2nd subscription. Not running as smoothly.

    So I loved my service so much that I went and got another subscription and the same box as mine (buzztv xrs4000) for my sister. Well, they are getting frequent freezing, a few seconds at a time. Same box as me, same service as me, a few miles away but both with the same broadband internet. But I don't have those issues and she does. Not all channels are freezing, just some. I even checked the same exact channels at the same time on my box and still mine was fine. Is it common to have inconsistencies like this amongst different subscriptions with virtually the same equipment all the way through? BTW, her box is not more than 30 feet from the wireless router that has more than enough speed for the household and we tested it without any other wireless traffic but the buzzbox. So it's not a wifi issue, as far as I can tell. Their xbox's and smart tv's on other floors work just fine.

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    I have ran into wifi problems on some xrs 4000 boxes !! Connected to hardwire problems gone !!

    switch boxes and check


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      Guess what? It's a wifi issue. Sorry. I went by her house today and noticed she is running an outdated AC1000 router . I brought her box back to my house and it runs just as good as mine. They will be buying a new router tomorrow.