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How to fix STB Blocked?

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  • How to fix STB Blocked?

    This issue is commonly caused by misconfiguration of the STB (IPTV Box) or mismatch between the authentication information stored in your box and the server. I would like to share some suggestions to get this problem solved.

    We will use the donation checker form:

    It is the best tool to manage your donation number (your account) and solve common issues.

    1) Make sure that you linked your box or app MAC address to your donation through the donation checker. On MAG boxes the mac address can be found in a label located at the bottom side of the box.

    2) Make sure that you have configured the correct IPTV Portal URL, it must match with the one that show up in the donation checker and i would suggest to always use the full URL. To setup the IPTV portal on your MAG go to System Settings -> Servers -> Portals, by default it is limited to just 2 portals but if you press the red button of your remote you will be able add more.

    3) In the donation checker confirm that your donation status is "Active", if show Banned then use the unlock button to restore it back to active but if the unlock button doesn't work or the donation status is different then you will have to contact [email protected] to get it solved.

    4) Try doing an IPTV reset while your box is showing the STB Blocked message on the screen.

    5) Try moving to a different IPTV Portal, we have many options but always remember to update the new one in your box or app too.

    6) Try generating a new donation number.

    7) Try enabling the Internet Provider or Country lock, maybe someone is trying to spoof your box.

    8) Don't use VPN, Proxies or any kind of server to access our service because it's forbidden and any connection will be automatically rejected by our system.

    If none of these suggestions work for you feel free to contact any of the staff members or our customers service team ([email protected]) providing the affected donation, its order number and as much information as you can so we can find the solution to your problem ASAP.

    Hope these suggestions help you.
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