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compatibility of MAG351/352 with present IPTV operating system

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  • compatibility of MAG351/352 with present IPTV operating system

    Are the MAGS 351/352 now compatible with the present IPTV operating systems?
    If not, when are these boxes likely to be on stream with IPTV set-up

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    Those boxes are supposed to be released by infomir this fall, need to wait to determine compatibility but NFPS have the latest stable middleware stalker running on all portals.
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      it is now software is HERE!!!


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        Support for the MAG 351/352 comes from Stalker Middleware 5.0.3, so it's just a matter of updating the middleware.


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          I have gone to Infomir's website and wasn't able to find the Mag 352 available and I did make an inquiry as they have it listed for Presale but no availability date. This being December and at the very tail end of this year, I don't think its going to be available for quite some time but then that's just my opinion for whatever its worth. To be honest, I have no idea as to when or if it will be available.

          P.S. I believe all the Mag boxes use Linux version 3.3 and have the Stalker Middleware pre-loaded
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            Will the new boxes solve the current freezing issues or will the problem persist?


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              The new boxes will have double the memory which will improve some things but it won't matter if they install 128gb or 2 terabytes of ram, it won't provide any guarantees on freezing issues. Why ? If you have too many boxes logging on to a server, the server becomes overloaded and then a que is started where your box waits while another box is served and when the que comes back to you, the server serves you. Too many boxes with not enough servers initiates loading problems which is what they refer to when they say they are balancing the loads over X amount of servers. VPN servers in Seattle have similar issues from time to time and then everything slows to a grind.