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No Signal - half boot

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  • No Signal - half boot

    Hi guys,
    its been a few days with this problem, and today finally have a chance to really troubleshoot it.
    my donation is still good until the month of June, so I know it should be good.
    when I turn on my mag254 it doesn’t go further the “loading” screen. After the “loading” screen it goes to black screwn showing “no signal” message. So the yellow bar doesn’t show up.
    i tried resetting the bios and still has same issue.

    Would appreciate any guidance guys
    thanks for your time and help

  • #2
    Dis another bios reset and seems is ok
    just went past the “loading” screen
    now I can see the settings on my mag
    it should be ok
    More update shortly


    • #3
      No success
      just loaded the Portal and seever info and now stuck again with No Signal coming from my mag to the tv.
      I was asigned portal 5
      is this a common problem for portal5 ?


      • #4
        My tv shows TUNER NOT FOUND
        is like my mag just stops sending any signal after going past the “Loading” screen


        • #5
          Hope for someone can help me shortly ?
          thank you


          • #6
            If your Tv is showing Tuner not found then it's either a problem with the mag or the tv.You can try and move you mag to a different port on your tv and see if that help.If you give me a bit i'll look through the mag section for a few things to try.


            • #7
              Here is one....


              • #8
                If not you can try a factory reset.
                Then set the mag back up.


                • #9
                  Thanks Dodgeit
                  I did try changing hdmi ports on my tv and bios reset on the mag with no luck before opening this thread- will check the link you posted right now-
                  something I noticed going on with my mag a few weeks ago is that it started to shut down automatically after the first 15 seconds of being On. My tv and mag are synced with the option of turning the mag automatically On once the TV is switched On.
                  So as I switch On my tv, the mag will follow turning On too, but dying after 15 seconds.
                  My other mag on another TV hasn’t act like this never before, I even switched hdmi cables to see it the cables was
                  part of the problem and nothing changes
                  so far.
                  more feedback to come...
                  thanks again Dodgeit????


                  • #10
                    You have another mag that is working? Switch the mags up. Take the non working mag and set it up on the other tv where the mag is working, and put the working one where you are having this problem and see if after you have everything hooked up if the same problem is happening.
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