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MAG 254 not picking up full network speed

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  • MAG 254 not picking up full network speed

    Hi all, I'm having trouble getting any decent download speed on my MAG 254. When I test my network speed on other devices it is an average of 30Mbps but when I do I speed test on the MAG box I only get between 1-4 Mbps?? It gets slightly better after peak times. Needless to say it is impossible to watch anything without picture constantly freezing. Does anyone know if this is an ISP issue or something I could fix on the MAG box itself? Any advice much appreciated as I am new to this

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    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. My network speed is more than 500Mbs. Speed test on my mag254 just 1Mbs. Nothing work
    Do you find the solution ?


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      Hi all, is there an answer to mag254 speeds? I have Gigabite service yet MAG254 only giving around 4-9 mbps....i have also tried many different DNS's still same speed
      any suggestions on settings or router? hardwired ethernet


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        Any answers to this please?


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          I don’t think you will get an accurate answer for that question. Try going to MAGs site and ask that Technical question. You may get a decent answer there.. At least from the manufacturer’s representatives mouth.

          Since the beginning the MAG boxes will never match the speed of your network speed. It only goes up to~26 Mbps, I think. Check the minimum speed required to watch SD and HD content on MAG or any STB’s. I believe you only need 4 to 8 Mbps D/L speed.


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            thank you!!! I am getting a constant 9-12 Mbps, but still have freezing once in awhile, and channels like fox news for instance, will just disappear, turn black, and then come back after 5-10 seconds
            this happens alot
            thanks again