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Mag 254w1 buffering only on tv

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  • Mag 254w1 buffering only on tv

    I am new to the IPTV world and am having a issue with my Mag 254. It is impossible to watch anything on the tv section but the movie club has no issues at all. I am connected by ethernet and have no issues with any other devices including our old box. Is there something in the settings that would cause this? My speed test is showing 24Mbps.

    thanks in advance

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    I wish someone would post a answer as I'm having the same problem, except lately I'm having freezing on movies as well


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      I am having the same problem. Can't watch TV channels for freezing and buffering but VOD movies play fine. I checked my box at a friends house on a different ISP and it worked fine. My speed is around 10 to 12MBPS and his is less so bandwidth isn't the problem. Any one with any idea. The ISP I have is AT&T U-Verse.


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        Live channels require more resources and network stability than VOD to play properly.

        In order to help you please provide as much information as possible:

        - Does it happen with all channels?
        - Post a speed test result during the evening (Peak hours).
        - IPTV Portal.
        - If possible tell us what internet provider are you using.
        - Are you using WIFI or Cable?
        - Do you have the country or ISP lock enabled? can do it using the donation checker.
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          -Freezing is happening on all channels some worse than others.
          -Speed test during even hours ranges between 10-12MBPS
          -IPTV Portal
          - Using wired network cable
          -ISP AT&T U-Verse
          -Country or ISP lock are not enabled