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Mag 254 with some issue

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  • Mag 254 with some issue

    Hi, I have some issue with my IPTV MAG 254. I start the mag 254 and I have a screen tell me, "Mode not supported. Change the resolution of the external device” However, I can't get to setting, I'm assuming it required to change the video resolution? Just to let you know that I did not change the video resolution as far as I know is set at 1280x720. Please help me out to how do I get back to the MAG 254 setting.

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    Unplug the box with the hdmi cable unplugged and let it load for a few mins. Then unplug it again then plug the hdmi cable in then plug it back in see if that works.
    If not mabe it got switched to pal mode somehow.In that case
    Try this and see if it helps you
    If there is no image then complete next steps:
    • Unplug power of STB.
    • Press and hold “Menu” button on RC (direct your RC to STB)
    • Plug power on STB with holding “Menu” button.
    • Hold “Menu” button during 10 seconds.
    • Switch PAL - NTSC with single press on red button “F1” on RC.


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      I still didn't get to the setting, however this it may sound silly, which one is the Menu button the one with three line and three dots? I have tried almost all the button with no luck.
      Please I ask all the guys in this forum to help me out specifically the moderator.


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        Yes that's the menu button just above the volume.Make sure your pointing it at the stb when you plug it in.


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          OK Dodgeit, I did get the blue page, I change the requirement same as the TV. However when I reboot the receiver is stock on TFTP LOAD, it has been 10 minutes and still doesn't load. How long should stay to load. Should I do anything else.
          Thanks for the help (still not done yet)


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            Here is what you have to do now. Heres better instructions
            Change boot mode DHCP/NAND/NAND2
            • Enter The BIOS.
            • Select “Upgrade Menu” , right click on the remote control.
            • Select “Boot Mode” and pressing the remote control right to set the boot mode DHCP, NAND or NAND2.
            • Select “Exit & Save” and press on the remote control to the right.
            • Confirm “OK”.


            • ferrari
              ferrari commented
              Editing a comment
              Dodgeit, I would to thank you for your help in solving the problem that I had with the MAG254. (I thought I had to throw out my receiver) everything’s works well. Again thank you.

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            Your welcome.