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new mag wireless mac addy

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  • new mag wireless mac addy

    I just got a wireless mag54, got donation, set all settings, and my mag54 wireless mac address coming up on screen is not mac ady on box....strange
    its never been wired config, yet when i go to wired,it shows the corct mag54 mac addy, i went into my routr to see if my ip provider router mac addy was, yet its differet also. I have no clue why this box
    on the mag54 setup screen shows a different mac addr under wireless settings, it says UP, don't even know where it came from, ANYWAY,i went to change it on Papio site, change mac addy to whats on screen under wireless config, but papio site says cannot be updated....whew , what a mess ANY CLUES GUYS???

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    Use the mac that is on the sticker on the box and if your having freezing problems i would try wired.


    • poorme
      poorme commented
      Editing a comment
      i used the one on box with papio site and donation.... Unever made it to any chanels LOL....settings show wireless UP, but has a different mac addy...don't think understanding, please read my post again

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    now neither of tmy mags are working..getting page loading error, even on my one that was working in other room...this is getting frustrating quick


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      Use the mac address on the sticker of the mag not the wifi mac unplug the box and do a iptv reset. Then plug the box back in.


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        thanks i tried that....the wireless mag box has the mac address hard coded into the wired config...the mac address under the wireless config is one I have no idea where it came from
        BUT, now my wired mag54 does not work...LOL, both mags say page loading errror, did not change a thing in my old wired mag54, but it has page error also now...
        I had my mag54 wired with its own donation been workig a yr or more, bought this new wireless one, got a new donation, plugged the mac address into papio site with new donation
        both boxes have a different server, now neither works....
        really weird, the mag54 wireless box is NOT wired ethernet, but the mac address comes up correct under wired config, and the wireless config mac addy is one that is not whats on the label...what up?
        anyone see this before using a mag54 is the wired config picking up the mac addy when its not hard wired?


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          It' does not matter what the wireless mac is. The one you use is the wired mac which is on the sticker of the box.A wireless mag254 is the same as a wired mag254 with a adapter installed inside instead of you adding an external one.Even if you ad a wireless adapter to the wired one it will work the same and revert back to the wired mac.That's just the way they are set up.Thats why when you tried to update the mac with the wireless mac it would not take it on the site.


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            Dodgeit, LOL Sorry you are not understanding...Or I ain't explaining well, .I used the mac address on white sticky, lets start from beginning, i have a mag54 thats hardwired, has its own donation and its own mac address, been working for over a year.
            i just got a new box, a mag54 W1 wireless.....bought the donation, got the info from papio, and server etc. old box uses server 3.iptv, new one use 2.iptv...put all that info into new box, but when i go to network in portal, and go to wireless it has a different mac address, than the white sticky does.....are you saying i do not need to configure the wireless under network under the portal? under WIRED under the network menu portal it has correct mac addy...never had it hard-wired is it just picking up as wired even though its wireless? .i am really, my old box says cannot connect....went to papio site (unplugged both boxes) reset one at a time, did not help


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              Your confusing me lol the wireless mac has nothing to do with connecting to the server even though it's wireless it still uses the wired mac address on the bottom of the box.
              Try and work with one box at a time do a iptv reset then plug the box in does it ask you for authentication?(username and password)?


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                hi dodgeit, i think i understand now, when i go to wireless settings in the portal, it has a complete different mac addy...i thought that somehoe since the mag54 was wireless, i had to configure the wireless settings...i did go in and put in my SSID name password etrc. for my wireloess says UP...when i go to wired config, it has the mac address thats on the white sticky...Both boxes DO NOT ask for any authentication, username password...
                i cannot get past the page error loading. all is configed correct, nothing changed, except new donation has a different server (2.iptv) whereas my old box uses 3.iptv
                i wrote papio yesterday about this and have not heard back...maybe both boxes need reset from papio???? I have no clue why my old box went down, didn't do anything to it...


              • #10
                Yes do a iptv reset joker gave you the link and once you do a iptv reset when you plug them in again there will be a pop up for authentication.Make sure each box is set to the right account.


                • #11
                  Dodget and Joker....changed/reset portals on both at papio site, went into mag54 config, changed portals, and BAMM both are up....weeeeee thanks guys
                  changing portals did it....that 2.iptv wasn't working for me, THANKS


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                    Anytime! Enjoy!!