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Mag 254 picture quality

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  • Mag 254 picture quality

    I have a Mag 254 and sometimes it gets stuck on a channel and doesn't respond to the remote so I have to reboot from the power cord. Also too often the picture looks like if its being dragged up the screen in parts or like you are looking at through a pyramid glass. Does anyone have an idea if its a setting I can change for the picture quality or is the box faulty because its a new box. On the first setup it was really struggling to load. And it has nothing to do with the maintenance it was happening before that started.

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    For the stuck channel issue you need to confirm your mag's firmware is r14 and your portal is p2. Otherwise you will be freezing frequently and requiring a reboot.

    As for video issues, try the mag on a different tv to see if it's the box or the tv. And play around with the video settings (ex. if your tv is 720p or 1080p, or you're using the AV cable to plug into an RCA video input)

    You can also plug in a USB key with a movie file and play it with the mag. Do this to ensure the issue isn't with the channel you're watching having low quality signal issues.


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      Tried different tvs different servers and video settings still the same thing on every channel not through the whole picture tho just in and out


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        I still have same issue for weeks now, update didn't help, no channels now, just the chanell thing popping up at bottem of screen...Was that the answer for Portal P1 to move to P2? confused and tired of messing with