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MAG254 Shuts Down When Flipping Between Other Source To TV

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  • MAG254 Shuts Down When Flipping Between Other Source To TV

    If I start up my MAG254, the process is flawless. If I leave the MAG254 powered up (but not locked into a TV channel) then flip the TV source over to my Cable TV box it works fine. If I then decide to go back to the MAG254 I see the Stalker Home page OK. If I then Press TV or Media Browser, the signal cuts off and the screen goes blue. the only way I can get the MAG254 back on again is by pulling the power plug and powering it back on again. Any solution to this issue ?

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    It happen to me with 254 for long time . I have Sonny HD 60 " TV see only first time,I am so happy that no more( scrable Dreamlink) , but next day turn back on come only laoding after that nothing.
    and last week buy samsung tv see only one time not support display on TV. Now I buy one more Avov working Ok ,
    I khow wtat happen but I could tell you in post.Now just wait if they can finnd solution .many month no one answer me, Since the old person tell me that down grade to V14 but
    I do not know how to do it .
    This post shere with whom have problem like me no other reason.


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      I had the same problem as wee-haggis so I asked the company, this is there reply.
      "The MAG box doesn't have full support CEC, it only works at the reception, it means, when you are turning off TV then the MAG switches to standby mode, after turning on TV, the MAG also awakens. And nothing more." They are very helpful.