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Box Hacked

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  • Box Hacked

    Has anyone had their T1 Plus hacked? One of my customers just had theirs hacked. As soon as you turn the Box on it goes to Porn sites. Is there a fix for this?

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    YOU PROBABLY ALREADY SOLVED IT BUT I have a t1 and had similar problems with ads every two seconds what channel i was watching woud get a full screen of Russian and Ukranian chicks and bla bla bal i would x it and it would go back to what I was watching but 5 seconds later it was appear - Tried deleting apps and other things and nothing worked.

    I had to go to settings and that have Factory Reset and S/w Reset i did a factory Reset and the box DL the software and installed it all settings are Factory so I had to DL from the market Dol 2 and set it up and then i had to install the portal again. But it worked - and I have not had a problem with the adware stuff since.


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      The T1 really wasn't hacked. Remember the Home website hijacks which changed your home website like Google to some other website so when you booted up your PC, it would go to some other website ? This is just another hijack so no real worries about the box being hacked.


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        Hijacked / Hacked Semantics

        It made by TV impossible to watch using the t1 and I think they were able to do it using the Google browser - I tried deleting all my other apps including a different browser but I could not delete the Google browser so it would seem that was the culprit they used for their adware which took over and displayed every 5 seconds or so.

        Fortunately a Factory Reset fixed everything but it required reinstalling DOL 2 and resetting up the Portal but at least it fixed the box.

        Also I noted that the Google browser and Utube and File Browser and a couple of other apps are there with the new installation and although it is no problem now the Google Browser cannot be deleted. When I try to delete it using the blue button, it ask me if I want to delete the app and I say Yes and it just remains -

        I think that I should be able to delete any app and that includes Google Browser.