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Trinidad Off Air TV Channels

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  • Trinidad Off Air TV Channels


    I would like to throw a suggestion into the suggestion box for new TV channels. I'm not sure what's involved in getting off air TV channels into IPTV but I would like to request that some additional TV channels from the country of Trinidad get added to the NFPS lineup. Below is a list of channels that I've taken off Wikipedia that shows Trinidad based TV stations. While I do appreciate having access to CNC3, they only stream when they're showing a newscast. I'm sure there's additional local programming that could be found from the other Trinidad based TV stations.
    • The Caribbean Communications Network Television 6 (CCN TV6) (CCN TV6). A national television station owned by OCM Ltd, publishers of the Barbados Nation and the Trinidad Express.
    • C Television (C TV) State owned national station. (Formerly ttt)
    • Gayelle Television (Gayelle) Broadcasts Local and cultural programming.
    • Advance Community Television Station (ACTS25) A religious community station serving the city of San Fernando.
    • World Indian Network Television (WIN TV) Private television station with focus on Indian and local programming.
    • Synergy Television (Synergy TV) Music channel featuring local and Caribbean artistes and original programming.
    • i.e. Television Cable Channel 1 (ieTV Channel 1) – Broadcasts local and East Indian programming.
    • Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN8) – Broadcasts Islamic programming.
    • Tobago Channel 5 – Airs Tobago based programming. Broadcasts in Tobago only.

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