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General Rules

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  • General Rules

    IPTVZETA General Rules:
    1. Respect the rules of the forum.
    2. Respect other members and the forum staff.
    3. Never post your donation information, including MAC address, email, donation number, order number, bitcoin address. This information should only be sent to a staff member via private message.Never post any personal information, email, phone numbers, address!
    4. No user names with: Obscene or offensive words, Names of IPTV servers or any other forums.
    5. Only one account per user is allowed.
    6. Use the search function before posting. Some of the answers may already be there.
    7. No hijacking. Anything not related to the topic posted by the original poster (OP) must be started in a new thread.
    8. When copying a post from another site, please put the author’s name on it so we know who the author is. We do not want to steal any credit, we just want to share the information. The author deserves to be mentioned for their work.
    9. No live links are allowed unless directly related to this forum.
    10. No spam allowed
    11. No pornographic avatars.
    12. No legal discussion of any kind.
    13. Always start new topics before sending private messages to staff or others members, so that everyone can see and know the solutions to your problem that may help others with the same problem.
    14. If you start a topic requesting support and have already solved your problem, please post what the solution was in the same topic to help others who may have the same problem.
    15. Please post in the proper place of discussion. If your set top box is not located in the list then put it in the “Other Receivers Section”.
    16. No promotion, mention, sale or resale of any IPTV service is allowed. The only IPTV server allowed to be discussed here is NFPS- IPTV Private Server.
    17. Do not post the same post in more than one thread. Please stick to one thread.
    18. No political or religious discussion of any kind.
    19. It is forbidden to discuss or upload any free or paid m3u list in the forum or via private message.
    Violation of one or more of these rules can result in a temporary ban or permanent ban of your username. Thanks! Enjoy the site and have fun!

    Best regards,
    IPTVZETA Staff
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