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Can you just start over and not be double billed if you lose QR code on ATM purchase?

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  • Can you just start over and not be double billed if you lose QR code on ATM purchase?

    Said not to resend to same account, but I honestly need another code since this one vaporized. What if I let sub will tomorrow and just start as a new sub instead of renew. Will that clear all previous account info tied to the newly expired donations?

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    No do not use the address you used for the simplex.Just start over reorder and get another QR code.You have 30 days to renew or you can just get a new donation it really don't make much difference.It's not like the old days when you had to use the #'s for username and password.


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      Well the simplex thing is another story. They SAY they have cancelled order but it still remains with a hold on my account. Bank says they can't do anything until they finalize transaction, so I'm waiting for them to take the hold off.

      I'm talking about the fact that I went through the steps via ATM and got a QR code and then it was lost on wife's phone. Next time I want to do on computer and print out code..much easier. My question is if I go back through this process on the computer, will papiao see this as a duplicate and double bill me? thanks


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        No you wont get double billed.


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          Well Simplex finally removed their hold. The saga ends. Now going to begin quest using ATM but will wait for Friday and get step-daughter's help..thanks for the reply.