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Bitcoin Payments FAQs

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  • Bitcoin Payments FAQs

    1) Is it mandatory to have bitcoins to donate?

    No at all, you can pay using your Visa or MasterCard through the payment gateways listed in our website checkout with the VISA and MasterCard logos.

    DON'T send payments directly from those site, access them through our checkout buttons, the amount to pay will be set there and we will cover their fees. Otherwise you will be overcharged.
    2) Do i need a bitcoin wallet to send payments?

    NO, we will provide you the bitcoin address where you have to send the payment during the checkout
    3) What are the benefits of sending direct bitcoin payments?

    - Direct bitcoin payments save up to 33.33% of your payment.
    - You don't have to pass through a long verification process.
    - Your order is delivered faster because doesn't have to wait until third party approval
    - Direct payments are more anonymous.
    - There are a lot of ways to pay.
    4) Are bitcoin payments secure?

    Yes, bitcoin is one of the most secure ways to pay these days no one know what you are buying and who you are paying, this is a transaction private just between you and the provider.
    5) How can i send you bitcoins directly?

    There are so many ways to do this that require a separated post to cover some of them:
    6) How time does it take to get my order?

    Usually from 30 mins to 3hrs, as soon as your bitcoin payment get 3 confirmations in the bitcoin network.
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