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Donations Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Donations Frequently Asked Questions

    What service do i get with my donation?

    You get access to our IPTV private service that is fully loaded with thousands of Movies, TV Series and Live Channels.

    What is a donation number?

    Is basically your account to connect to our services, you should use it as the username and password.

    How much should i donate to get access?

    It depends on the amount of devices that you are planning to use to watch our service, 1 donation is valid for 1 device.

    Where can i donate?

    In any of our sites, here you can see the list:

    What is the IPTV channels list?

    What payment options are supported?

    At the moment we can only accept donations using Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Zelle, Cash App and Credit Card.

    What do i need to watch your IPTV service?

    Basically you can watch our service on almost any device STB, PC, Smart Phones, Smart TV, tables, etc. But we have done an exhaustive test of the system with many devices and the Dreamlink T2 (recommeded) stand above the others providing the best quality, stability, portability and it is also very user friendly so if you want to get the best TV experience we highly recommend you to use that STB.

    For a full list of supported devices and apps please take a look to:

    What is a MAC address and what it is for?

    A MAC address is an unique identifier for your IPTV box or applications used to authenticate with our service.

    How do i find my MAC address?

    If you are using an IPTV box like MAGs or Dreamlink they have the mac address on a label located at the bottom side. But if you are using an application it may vary and we highly recommend you to check the forum for specific application assistance.

    I don't have a box or application with a fixed MAC Address, which one should i use?

    If your box or application doesn't come with a fixed MAC address or prefix then you can use our MAC Generator located in the Donation checker form:

    How can i link a mac address to my donation number?

    Using this form:

    How do i manage my donation account?

    Using the donation checker form you can manage all things related to your donation even generate a new one:

    How much time do i have to wait to receive my donation details?

    Most of the time payments are processed in less than 5 mins and you should receive an email with your donation details, but some times the payment need to be reviewed by the bank fraud detection team and the process can take up to 2 business days.

    If your card was charged and you haven't received any email from even in your spam folder then feel free to use the following form to track your order or send an email to [email protected]:

    When contacting [email protected] don't forget to provide as much information as possible including the email address used during the payment and the order number.

    How can i become a reseller?

    Is very simple, just place an order for 5 donations or more and the system will create a reseller account automatically where you are going to be able to manage the activation of your donation numbers, the donations will be added to your account as credits and you can use the to generate or renew donation numbers.

    What do i need to use the service?

    Well, the IPTV can be used from many devices including smartphones, tables, PCs, etc but we highly recommend the MAG254 from informir to get the best user experience, for more details take a look in the IPTV section of this site.

    How can i check if my donation have expired or it expires date?

    Using this form:

    My donation has no expired and it shows as inactive, what can i do?

    If you got your donation number from a reseller then only he can help you, but if you donated through our sites then contact [email protected] to request support for this issue and provide the order number and donation number.

    My donation is not working and the reseller is not responding to me, what can i do?

    In this case we highly recommend you to buy a donation directly from our website, we only can provide support to the person who made the donation to our website.
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    Check your Donation Status, Change MAC, Download IPTV Playlists and do IPTV reset using this form:

    Donation Checker and Download IPTV Playlist

    If you are interested on Premium IPTV please make your donations here:

    NFPS IPTV Private Server with Stalker & IPTV Playlist