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Reseller Panel Discount Tokens

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  • Originally posted by six degrees View Post

    I do not like to promote any particular online Exchange but in this case I will because it is important to use a trusted and established Exchange.
    So go to -->
    Register at that site and then you will have access to their Exchange (an exchange can be thought of like a Bank, but different of course)
    There is a tab that says 'Wallet'... You will need to acquire a Wallet next.
    Open that tab and follow directions. There should be an allowance to add your debit or other bank card(s) and you will need to give authentic credentials (like your picture and etc).
    Some people do not like doing this but I see no harm in it when using a secure site. And this is just for your wallet which needs your private key to access anyway.

    Do all that and then try buying just a small amount of bitcoin.
    The transaction will go thru some stages so be patient and check your Wallet(online at that Exchange site), You would also need to register at the Exchange site in order to use it to buy coin and manage your coin/wallet.

    When you get your wallet they will give you a phrase and you need to copy and save that in a safe place. It can be used to gain access to your wallet if you happen to loose your private key.
    By the way, do not loose your private key

    That pharse can also be used if you ever change online Exchange services and still keep your original Wallet.
    Thanks for sharing this. I have started to sign up.


    • I responded with some more info to your last private message


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        • Those discount tokens purchased in the 2022 will be refunded to your account as credits.

          Closing this thread as discount tokens has been discontinued.
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