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Steps to use to pay a donation in Canada thought bitcoin atm

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  • Steps to use to pay a donation in Canada thought bitcoin atm

    Hi Everyone. I thought it was hard and confusing going this way but its real easy and fast. Here is what i did to pay so you wont be as confused as as i was.

    1. download a QR scanner in playstore.
    2. when you get a renew email press renew and select bitcoin atm
    3. with your QR scanner scan the code with your phone.
    4. pay the amount below then find the nearest bitcoin atm. i google searched for my area.
    5. at the atm press buy bitcoin then its either going to ask for a phone number or as to scan qr code. i entered a cell number and the texted me a code to enter.
    6. Once that was all good i paid the amount. your qr code already knows the address that the money is being sent.
    7. print out a copy or you can get it emailed to you as well. i printed it out.
    8. id say within 10 to 15 mintues i got an email saying i was renewed for the yr

    I think these were all the steps i went through. hope i did not miss any.

    Looking back it was real easy and a fast way to pay a donation .. not at all what id thought it would be.

    Hope this helps you all out! Good luck!