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When placing an order... 3 confirmations will be given to you

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  • When placing an order... 3 confirmations will be given to you

    I have come across something that has to do with waiting for your purchases from papaioa.
    When you make the Order from papiao's website, do not exit or close the order webpage, even after you have completed the process. Leave the webpage that shows you the Ordering details open. Then what will happen is that within an hour or less the page will show a progress icon and there will be 3 confirmation steps it goes thru , and all the while the webpage will inform you of which step it is currently on.
    So don't close that webpage guys and gals and that way you will be more informed of your purchase progress

    The page will have a message as per the quote shown below... The quote is showing the first confirmation and will show all 3 confirmations as they come.

    'Your payment has received 1 of 3 confirmations from BTC network, once it gets 3 confirmations our system will send you an email with your order details. In case of any problem don't hesitate to contact us'

    After the 3rd and final confirmation you should then see the email from papiao within minutes of that final confirmation.
    If not, then in that case use the 'Contact Us' option that is shown there.