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Upgrading to Windows 10 has some side effects

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  • Upgrading to Windows 10 has some side effects

    Greetings, My Compaq desktop Windows 7 died last Nov. I bought a new desktop with Windows 10, However, most of the programs that I reinstalled, don't work as user friendly as they did before. Also, I will do a better job of saving my login info to a external drive and not to the internal one. I was not able to recover anything from the internal drive My MicroSoft Office 7 Outlook now for some reason lets in hundreds of SPAM and seems to filter out my good sites like from here. I have edited the Junk file parameters but I still have to go to the Comcast web site to check emails before I delete them permanently. If I buy the newest version of OFFICE, do you think Outlook will work like the old version with Windows 7? Thank you for any suggestions.

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    You don't need to but the latesr version of office if the issue is Outlook, just use Outlook online and the filters are already set up to not allow spam e-mails, if your e-mail address is "out there", you will be getting spam but can block these with outlook online and it does not cost you anything, just go to


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      It just seemed odd that the only thing that was changed was upgrading to Windows 10. I installed the MicroSoft Office 2007 the same way the Compaq Windows 7. My internet connections were the same. I will have look into like you said and see if I have missed something in the security setup. I will try looking into Outlook on-line and see if there is any help there. Thank you for the suggestions.


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