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Anyone have a recommendation for a good VPN?

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    Originally posted by Tack View Post

    While what we are doing is legal (although it is a grey area in some countries), the content broadcasters are increasingly turning to civil action against those they consider to be offenders. This often involves extortion by requesting a huge fee in order for the user to avoid being sued. There is little doubt that this practice will continue to expand in scope. Using a VPN offers us considerable protection against this practice by anonymizing our online activities.

    I understand that it is your policy to prohibit the use of VPNs but what I am suggesting - requesting - is that you reconsider this policy. You might, for instance, allow us to ask you to whitelist a particular IP address. That way you would know who is using a particular datacenter IP and would be able to shut us off if you detect abuse.

    Perhaps the readers here can suggest other ways of addressing the problem of safeguarding the security of both NFPS and the users. I look forward to the discussion.
    It is for this exact reason that I had to get another IPTV provider after so many years here. I still have a sub here but it barely ever works. I just get it because it's cheap and entertaining to discuss things on the forums here. The other ones have zero downtime with my VPN. I don't know of any others that block VPN servers or lock you to your service provider. It's just totally unnecessary, I can say that NFPS does have the cheapest priced subscription pretty much anywhere though.


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      Originally posted by nob0dy View Post
      not may bro ....... on the third try it get's automatically banned ...... due to all the people stacking ........ trying to steal from a thief .......... unbelievable
      I'm curious, what do you mean by stacking? please explain? I'm dying to know why they are banning VPNs..


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        Its my understanding that stacking is when you use more than one device to connect to the server and using the same donation which is not permitted for obvious reasons. As for banning VPN's, its also related to stacking which is also not permitted. If you use a VPN, it provides a different IP address which relates to the server of the VPN and not your box. This is not allowed and it can lead to having your box banned or your donation terminated. Use a VPN for online browsing but don't use it with your box.


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          amex, how did you setup your pia account to work


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            yes , but are we protected from being sued the satellite and cable companies


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              Originally posted by AWSOME316 View Post
              yes , but are we protected from being sued the satellite and cable companies
              You have a bad sense of security if you think a vpn can't be traced.Thats what many of them company's will give you.You can't hide on the internet if they want you they will find you.



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                I understand VPN usage is prohibited. I want to know if anybody has a solution to watch channels that are country restricted, your Ady should be from that specific country in order to watch the channel.