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Which router???

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  • Which router???

    I have an old D-link WBR-1310 but it has done it's days.
    I need a router to use for my VPN connection but I need one that will accept vpn url eg and not the ip address eg
    Any suggestions???

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    Anything that support recent version of DD-WRT or Tomato firmware should work, ASUS and D-Link have good options.

    Btw, be informed that our IPTV service doesn't allow connections from VPNs, Proxies or Datacenter.
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      I have been using Private Internet Access as my VPN for over a year with your service and now you are restricting the use of VPN's? Are you also restricting TOR routers?


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        I bought a new router and I can’t get my box to work with the new router


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          Originally posted by mrcool View Post
          I bought a new router and I can’t get my box to work with the new router
          Unplug your modem ,box and router and do a iptv reset.Then plug everything back in.


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            sorry about high jacking but Iv got centurylink internet and by some miracle they upgraded my town and I can get a faster speed from 10mig to 25mig but ill need another wireless router, they will sell me one for 100 dollars but will it work?? or can I get a better one for the same price at Walmart or does anyone no what kind or name brand that will work with centurylink...
            I looked at Walmart and tiger direct and I found out I don't no shi*# about please